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New game for now

2016-10-02 00:47:39 by PrincessNinjato

The game "Fall of Acorn" is going to take some time and since I had a series of DayDreams I deiced to uplaod somehting while the main game is still being made.

One last game before a break

2016-09-06 04:44:25 by PrincessNinjato

I am not giving up on Newgrounds but I think I am going to spend some time on making some games on GameJolt.

I made enough for a good while here and before I just up and go there I am going to make something good to take a bit of a break here.

I am going to make a side scroller and add the same kind of love and touch I did when I made Luna's Little Venture 2 soooo expect something soon.

When I do start to come back to mixing it up with here and Gamejolt I am going to start a bit small before I do some big stuff but time will tell...Can't predict the future even if you plan for it.

So let's just see how this plays out.

Acorn Mania 3 is ready

2016-08-03 07:30:49 by PrincessNinjato

Looking at this and some feedback.....The screen size IS a bit too big....I made a game before this and used the 800x600 size and I wanted to have a game where you can REALLY get around and move and stuff...This is the
product of the aftermath.

I can say this...Its still an idea and when I get other stuff done I have ideas of an Acorn Mania 4 using the aim and bounce system I been doing for a few of my games but make it a 4 way free for all clear your field 1st puzzle battle game...Hint's on the 4.

But for now if you can enjoy a game this huge with sprites kind of...Meh?...I think you're in for a good ride.
Also you have lives on the top left and the score is on the top right...They are there just...Way up there on the big field.

New game on the way

2016-08-03 02:34:00 by PrincessNinjato

The bigger projects are taking longer so I am just warping up the finishing touches to this game coming.
*Acron Mania 3*

I made sure this game is a wild ride as you collect falling and bouncing acorns and shoot and avoid spikeballs and do cool things like hover and dash and ground pound and dash jump.

New playable game

2016-07-18 23:51:11 by PrincessNinjato

This is a game I finished working on lately.

This in its earliest incarnation was going to be a game for here but over time it became bigger and bigger and I just went all out and even went back to re do all the music to my own tracks and over the time I worked on it again and again and again and now its done.

You can play it here

Now that I put some time and effort into this game and its finally done I am going to take a bit to do some animations but now I will be making more games for Newgrounds again.


Here is a beta screen shot I am working on.


I am debating between doing a horizontal shooter or make it like Fantasy zone, I already got the stage and boss theme for each char. and title screen and game over music so I just gotta work on the game.


Sooooo keep an eye out and if you like have fun with the Jungle Shrine.

I am happy to say I FINALLY fixed the projectile system.

In most of my games when you shoot while jumping you would instally aim down and you keep holding left or right while falling and you shoot in a slant...Unless I gave you a fix shot this shoot system has alwasy been an issue.

Well with some tinkering I now got it so when ever you tap which way you want to shoot..Until you press another direction you will ALWAY shoot in that direction even if you are jumping and falling.

Now you can press UP and now you will keep shooting up.

Sooooooooooooo no more of this

I'll later apply the same system for this game for when ever I make this kind of game again so you can shoot your charge shot with better aim.

This was at one point going to be a game for here but things changed and now its going to be a download only game on gamejolt but I am still want to show what I am working.

Here was an old trailer before things changed for the better.

Over time I went back and changed the entire games music and features

I just finished a boss battle and changed the music and added new text for the story and what happens before and after bosses

I still have games planned for here and will have updates on those also.

The game will be playble here.

The page is up but it is still in development.


Thank you for viewing and I'll have updates over time.

New game coming today

2016-04-27 00:04:53 by PrincessNinjato

For a while I was calling it PrincessLuna's Venture 2 but I forgot I had game title plan for something else and set it back to Luna's Little Venture 2,
It is part 2 of the 1st game where all you did was run and jump.
This time you can attack and enemies are scaled to the right size and the entire game uses my own music I composed myself from simple loops to more complex stuff and some that is a bit abstract.

PrincessLuna's Adventure's is ready

2016-03-12 18:45:13 by PrincessNinjato

What did amaze me is when I went to upload I noticed the size went from 20MB as the max amount to 100MB for me...I am not sure if this is forever or not but if this is true I have more confidents in PrincessLuna's Adventures 2 that I already have planned but almost felt was going to be too big but as I keep track on that file size I'll keep this game in mind in due time.

Well for now you can play this game and its one of the games I started adding my own music as it gotten better so places like stage 1 and 2 and 3 the music may have a loop with a rising amb. while later level's will have a bit of flow to the music.

Tonight I am going to be working on the final level for this game

Since this video I made sure to alter thing to make this level less annoying for level 2.
Level 3 is more simpler than this but the final level will have some more shooters and I plan to make enemies that you can only kill by using a charge attack

After this game instead of doing the Mario method...A world with 4 levels in each one I am going to shorten things and eitehr do like Sonic and have 2 acts per level or maybe one level wth a boss at the end.