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My 1st game came from a help file....Its a flappybird style

Better than nothing,

I even made my own music to go with the game along with the artwork

An update on my game making

2014-01-31 00:22:07 by PrincessNinjato

Well the "The Games Factory NG" keeps saying its expired and I tired Constuct2 and that had bad results...

While I am going to look into other tools over time I think I should work on some of my game maker games before I coem back here.

I am working on other games for my website.

Check out this puzzle shooter I am working on

So theres that...So until TGFNGE works again for me or I learn to use those other tools in the game dev. list that is nicely provided for me...I'll be working on some of my other game pages



Its going to take some time for the updates to hit the game but I fixed....
1-The title says FEVER! not Rush like the version for my website
2-The time will end even after the 2nd round
3-I added a go back and play button
4-I credit the music I used
5-I changed the icon to say FEVER!

These effects will take some time but when they do I hope you all can fully enjoy the game even better

Upcoming game

2013-10-26 19:04:48 by PrincessNinjato

Its a hybrid of a puzzle and blockball game called MowteeMagic RUSH

When I upload it here I'm going to call it Mowtee Magic FEVER instead

If you look at my page now....A lot of my older games with lamer graphics and 2 videos are gone...and at this point can you blame me?

I even removed the 1st game I made using the Newgrounds GameFactory "Luna and the Risen Kingdom" There is no saving that game....

Every other game is playable...some with speed a bit too fast..some with fly or run and jump that can kind of break some of the games...some with crazy to annoying boss battles..

I am planing to make games with Construct2 but I will also make time for games to make here...or something...

So enjoy what I have now and more will come soon

This is the game I am working on

I am saving the source to use for games here later...This game is going to be really big project.

I plan to come back here and make an adventure series game with many parts and a story to go though

Stay tune for updates and thankyou for playing my current games

More games coming soon

2013-07-24 02:51:47 by PrincessNinjato

I been working on some new games and a big project for my website but I will be coming back here to make more games to play.

This game is now uploaded here and downloadable on my website as well.

I am in the mood to make more games mostly for my website and get back to my animated series so to make sure I dont swamp myself I am getting back to Super Princess Luna 2 better then ever.

Here is a 3rd update video showing how its looking so far.

The game will have sections instead of levels and will be more of an arcade run style game.

Stay tune for more updates

I been working on some new things while getting a bit distracted with Maplestory and the Angelic Buster class but with all the distractions I am still finding time to work on my game

Here is the opening to the game

Well some of the sprites do move a bit funny but its all good.
I still cant make Luna shoot left when falling she auto aim to the right when falling while shooting

I fixed some animations on Luna and Siluna and I added more things to the game,
I'll have gameplay and features

Here is what I did add new since the last update.

You now have hearts and if you lose all your hearts you start the level over
You can collect star berries to get your vital back up instead of collecting them to get to the next stage
Fairy folk are turned into acorns and you can turn them back and get prizes
There are more walking badgals and most can be shot by your attack

The game is going to have a story but unlike Luna's Adventure and GoGo Luna 2 the story will not take over the game and get too crazy and for boss battles I am just going to make it so you have to save people turned into acorns and avoid unkillable badgals