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New games coming

2011-06-03 15:06:11 by PrincessNinjato

I reached the 2 day limit so I have to wait but I have one game ready

Coming soon

Magiga Invasion

I kept on testing the game and in the game maker at the final boss you do get game over but here your hp just goes into negative

I tried to fix it and its still doing it..

So it cant be fixed, The game over works on every other stage but the final stage works oddly

So I await judgement from the staff sorry for the many uploads.

Next time I'll do like the many games on my website and just

1-If you die restart the stage
2-make less features so I can add music
3-Add a better shooting feature

all in all the game is good just that one flaw I cant fix

I forgot that I made 2 files and forgot to add the game over.....

gotta do this again sorry all

I am fixing it asap and making a new .swf to uplaod to end that drip nose on stage 2

I got some real good flash games on the way staring my little AlterEgo Luna-PrincessNinjato

Its been a while since I did stuff here but I'm coming back

2011-05-30 04:57:35 by PrincessNinjato

I been learning to use flash but mostly as a drawing tool but as I look at things I like the make games and try to make a flash game but thats been my downfall but I got cartoons on tact but I want to do something good.

So it hit me,

I'll do like Dragons Lair, Time Gal, Road Avenger and etc.

Starting with FMV style Memory games I can come up with some good stuff.

I am also testing new ways to make other kinds of flash games

I also updated my profile here

Keep a look out and you may see some new and better stuff coming

I made a flash video using a mixture of game vision and my own art style....
The only bad thing I have to say is....

The music goes while the clips are still a few seconds behind but it works out well...
I await the verdict from the heads who are viewing this.

I want to show you all is....I have some skils but and want to offer something to the table

I really want to make things to show what I can do but I am still learning to do things with flash and action script.

I will find a way to show what I can do....

for now....I will fade to black and go away and when I return...I will make better flash games and cartoons...

I'll even try to convert my videos to flash...
If I can make a cartoon like *Snap* Just like that....

If I can converted by flash you all will be amazed

Well...Thank you speaking your mind and not TOTTLLY killing me but I will improve to your standers soon

I am in school and after learining how to use key frames and extend time and frames,

My games are slowlly going to be good....

I hope to have games as good as the best ones here,
But thats why I am in school.

Thank you for viewing and I wont let you all down

Flash games

2008-07-08 03:25:08 by PrincessNinjato

Sorry I have not been active...I will be here later....
I just dont feel like making flash right now..

I am going to make this game soon.

Ninjato Striker a bowling game very simple to make....I am going to be going back to school and when that is done my flash games will be ALOT better.