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I am an IndieGame developer who wants to kick off my series here at NG as one of my stepping grounds. I already have games on my website and other sites and will keep learning new tricks to make fun games for all the gamers out there. LET'S GO CRAZY!

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PrincessNinjato's News

Posted by PrincessNinjato - September 22nd, 2012

1st thing 1st...I am having some issues with Java 7 file being loaded so I can save my games but I have been making more Luna's Treasure hunt games....
Here is an idea of what it looks like.

Posted by PrincessNinjato - September 3rd, 2012

I was trying to work on a game with game maker but that went bad but I did export my spites from this game

The behavior of the monsters and looks may change just a little but I guess I am going back to updating my New grounds account.

So get ready for some more run and jump/ flying and shooting games

Posted by PrincessNinjato - July 16th, 2012

This is a work in progress and since I am using my GoGo Luna engine the chars and sprites are a bit off but still well detailed so I am going to add dark backgrounds and help so the sprites blend in and looks okay.
This game will have 5 levels...Thats it but you can see I am going make the levels longer and have more mixes of things and blocks like a mario game

Posted by PrincessNinjato - June 4th, 2012

I been taking the advice I been getting about my games and as I played other games from old to new I stop to look at details and started to see how to imply them into my games...
After fixing the spirtes and converting them to pixel to vector I noticed I can do more and now my games will have a game over system and life system and 1up and points that collect to 100 to give a 1up

for a good example I made this level to give an example of whats to come for games on newgrounds and my site and on request

take a look

So as you can see I am step by step making a big changes and soon I will be back here with "Luna's Treasure hunt 3" and by then I can work out all the things I want to test and make

Thank you for viewing

Posted by PrincessNinjato - May 21st, 2012

I been taking the advice and very deep and powerful verdicts of the judges here and comments and honest replies from my buddies to my friends to etc. and started slowly adding new things and fixing smaller things to my games .

This video I am about to show you is another game I am making and it does use a lot of the elements from Luna's Treasure hunt 2 but fixed features take a look.

What you can see is this.
1-Using a none talking but more like Super Smash Btos Brawl or Sonic 4 style story telling I can move the story along and add some story minus the text and chatter.

2-Flash based sprites, While the chars are still pixel based and the level you see I will admit I can do better and will make better level designs over time I did see the results of using flash to make the sprites kind of like my cartoons so seeing how well they look soon I am going to make all new char sprites

3-Expanded levels, Making a game in flash form is a bit tricky to do that but I will be adding more 3D backgrounds over the NES style layouts I been doing

4-No more super jumps...Luna does still shoot down when you fall and shoot this can be good and bad but at the same time now that in games like that above where flying is a button to switch.....Why need of a super jump? So Luna does not jump super high and get stuck to the footing.

So as you can see I am fixing things and when the time is right I will have updates and a great game to play on your browsers soon.

Thank you for viewing and I want to show that the words and verdicts does not go in one ear and out the other...
I should work on some more flash videos to submit here too....hmm

well thank you for viewing

Posted by PrincessNinjato - May 2nd, 2012

I just submitted the game but what I am really excited about is...
The new way you upload you get to put in some extra touches to your project in the project manager...
I was assuming the game was being judged and when I found a small glitch and same some spaces to be
tweaked I fixed them fast and found out I did not submit it yet so now that I got all the bugs out and its as
good as it can get I think the judges wont have to endure the glitches now that they are gone yay!

I made a new promo video take a look

I know there are some things most would find kind of off about the game like the static jump animation and the kind of retro level design and stop motion story clips but rater they get made fun of or judged really bad the fact of the matter will be...Its a good game and thats pretty mush all that matters for me

Thank you for viewing

Posted by PrincessNinjato - April 29th, 2012

My last post I showed this game and had level 1-1/1-2 and the levels was more detailed but when I went to save the data to see the file size I forgot about size limitation and had to remake level 1-1 and 1-2 but was able to keep the boss battle.
This is what the 1st level looks like.

Well now the game is being worked on still but will be done soon

Posted by PrincessNinjato - April 29th, 2012

I am working on a new platform game there are a few animation ticks and the story clips are still frame but other then that the game is going well and I have the 1st preview

The PC I am recording this on is a bit odd but the gameplay is better in action then on the video but I hope this gives an idea of what is to come.

Posted by PrincessNinjato - April 13th, 2012

I been mixing up my gameplay alot from run and jump and shooting like a megaman meet sonic style but still like the idea of flying on command like Kirby and keep the speed up...

I tried flying only and results looked like this


Well after alot of testing I made one game and felt really proud of it

I even made a finished version.


The sad results is I found out I can do this change from run and jump to fly around easier then this way so I now that I know this I can make games with better controls.

Due to limiting graphics and sizes I have to make kind of retro graphics but I dont mind that..Nothing wrong with retro...

So get ready more games are coming soon

Posted by PrincessNinjato - January 24th, 2012

I am going back to working on my website, games, cartoons and more...I gotta psyche myself up to do this cuz I gotta start over again on so many projects...I started my revival with this video on youtube

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