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I am an IndieGame developer who wants to kick off my series here at NG as one of my stepping grounds. I already have games on my website and other sites and will keep learning new tricks to make fun games for all the gamers out there. LET'S GO CRAZY!

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PrincessNinjato's News

Posted by PrincessNinjato - September 6th, 2018

I was opening Fusion 2.5 and was setting the build type from .exe to .swf and noticed a new option that reminds me of the trail version of Fusion.....Now before I say this...I am limited until I buy the full version but...I CAN MAKE HTML5 GAMES!!!!!
While I can't just port some games due to plugins not working in the limited build I am glad I can make HTML 5 games and be ready for what happens in a few years when Flash is no longer supported.

I think I'll remove a few plugins and see if I can post Lyrical Adventure as an HTML5 game since I done updates to the .exe build and the flash build still has issues soooo this is a good thing!

I can keep going and not have to dread the removal of Flash

Posted by PrincessNinjato - August 30th, 2018

Sadly I added way to much to go back to the flash output where some of these don't work in that mode so the demo is a PC build but here is the video.

I have it on my GameJott!


Posted by PrincessNinjato - August 23rd, 2018

I see that in a few years flash is going to be a thing of the past...I'm starting to wonder if I should just buy the HTML5 extention for Fusion 2.5 and start making those instead of .swf games?

I worry about all the games I made here...

I started off with some....Really shotty stuff and taking advice and trying new things, I improved on my content and while also put a flash version of games on GameJolt I wonder what do I do?

Do I just keep going and go out with a bang and pretend its not going to happen and make games some more until that day?

Do I just go back to .exe and wait for a sale to get the .HTML5 outpot and go from there?


ugh.....I hate this feeling...

I am still working on games even if my dev. speed slowed down.

Maybe I should finish what I started and just work on getting the html5 output and preapre for the future.

Posted by PrincessNinjato - July 15th, 2018

I released the demo of Lucid Quest and the other game made along side it Lyrical Adventure is almost done.

This is an animated promo for Lucid Quest

Lyrical Adventure

Lyrical Adventure is more of a simple get from point A to B game with shorter levels but will provide some crazy levels and music.

This game runs on the same engine I made so a few elements will be the same such as eneimes and gameplay styles with some stand out visuals.


Posted by PrincessNinjato - June 9th, 2018

While I sadly shut down my shmup but left the demo up since I put work into that.
I went back to my "Bunny Mage Engine" and begun working on a bigger game that I waited till the complex stuff was fixed before I showed it off and now that the ablity to stage select like a Megaman game is done right and items unlocking as you clear more stages.

I started to show off what I have made.

I later removed the dark layer so the backgrounds will pop better, You can see by the two thumbnails 

This one no matter how stressed or unmotivated I get I WILL finish this game because I have big plans for the .exe when the game is done and I want the flash to be just as good.
While my main goal is to put this on GameJolt to try my 1st bold move I still want people here to play the flash.

Posted by PrincessNinjato - April 29th, 2018

Now its time for a Vertical shooter

I spent like 3 days "With tons of breaks and distracted by my phone..." But after all of that I got the main gameplay done so all there is left is to fill in the blanks from before and after bosses and moving to the next wave.

I am not going super over the top and most of my test prove to be successful.


Posted by PrincessNinjato - April 25th, 2018

The .swf and .exe builds are saving but I was made aware of the endless life glitch in Acorn Maze Mania.

The new build will allow game overs so give me a sec!

Posted by PrincessNinjato - April 22nd, 2018

I am making a...Pacman...ish...game

Alpha build


Here is what I got so far and things I fixed.

Hmm...I see my profile underwent a transformation

I also have an RPGMaker game coming very soon also.

Posted by PrincessNinjato - April 3rd, 2018

Took some doing but after GoGo Dream Bunny Witch I felt I should make something for here and show off the new features so I made a nice small game to get the gears going so I can make more games this way

I also bee kicking around another idea for a game in the future


Posted by PrincessNinjato - March 26th, 2018

I finally finished the game and while it is a .exe version I did manage to finish


I will say this!
I was saving my data after an accident and I now builed what I call the "Dream Bunny Mage Engine" and after a test like this!

I am going to use what I salave and finish a project I backed off on and that is "Wake up Quest 2"
I'll keep it short and simple using this engine and once I get in the swing of things I'll add more games in this style but I am going to test and test and test and TEST before something bad happens again and leave me with my foot in my mouth.

I plan to put Wake up Quest 2 here and on the same page as GoGo Dream Bunny Witch when done.