Daydream adventure new updates

2017-04-01 20:13:38 by PrincessNinjato

Well I just had to praise the sun since the screen whent all black...Nice one NG.

So back to my game,
Here is what I did so far

1-Learned to use layers and scrolling layers to make a background that stays in place on one layer and the rest move.

2-Add foreground features and overall adress weird things that can happen with the engine when a sprite has a part of the body still touching the object...It can look silly

3-I show some good level designs and added more visual effects.

One major thing I did was test the game in flash mode using the "Build/Run" also I saved the game as a small .swf and the scrolling is a GO!

This game I once made 

This game here was going to be super big but while the demo is playable here the game was an unfinished prouduct...I would later realize the parallax was not the only tool I used to add these effects that I had to remove but the extnetions made the game go haywire when trying to save the build and I lost faith and later made an animation based on this to kind of tie up loose ends.

Now that I know how to use the default layers and scrolling feature...This game is not going to end up like the PrincessLuna's Little Adventure.

Kind of sad that these cool tricks and visuals are for a game that was ment to be a simple to play game and I have a BIGGER game project coming soon but the upsdie is when I do make the bigger game I can do much more and be prepared.



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