Daydream Adventure is still happening

2017-05-07 23:42:58 by PrincessNinjato

Sorry if things have been slow...VERY SLOW.....vvveeerrryyy sssllllooowwwww.....
I been in the middle animation projects and request and learn the hard way that I can't juggle a LOT and still do many....

I went and finally made the basis for level 3 with this example level.

I also adjusted the walk animations and few other tweeks but some things I just will have to roll with since their bodies are very horizontal so adjusting the tails and cape will still have the same results so I just left them as is.

I'll have more updates over time and this game was mainly made to test what I made so far and has become a beast of its own but there is a bigger game I do have in the works that is pretty much this game but more of a story and worlds and saving and money to buy.

This is Bunny & Kitsune

This game I am going to over time make brand new music for this game while Daydream Adventure uses a lot of music I already made that has been spread thoughout many of my recent games.


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