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I love it, The sprite work is amazing, Reminds me of the RPGmaker style and the game is challenging but fun.

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I like it, Its very retro and hard in a good way

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I like this, Its a nice homage to Rainbow island by Tatio,
Also love the sprite work.

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I never expected to hear vocals to this song, I love it, Took me a while to comment but I love it.

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MorphingThruTime responds:

I have long dreamed of making a song for this tune. I very much like the voice of Gumi from the vocaloids. Excellent melody + song + Gumi = My dream
Here is the lyrics:

"The light of your eyes on the contrary I see
We Together again
And there are no more obstacles.

Our love is given to us for one century
But we will do it
And together we will be forever

There will be many secrets that we have to solve
In the world that is above us, above, somewhere there.

Take my hand, and make the first step
I am always with you
I will be with you

It's our chance, save it.
And we will become like birds
With you flying in the clouds

But remember, we must not give ourselves a doubt
Our souls are alive, I'm flying to you
To you..."

I like this techno mix

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MorphingThruTime responds:

I glad)

I like it, Has an underwater theme mixed with a space theme.
Love it

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I am an IndieGame developer who wants to kick off my series here at NG as one of my stepping grounds. I already have games on my website and other sites and will keep learning new tricks to make fun games for all the gamers out there. LET'S GO CRAZY!

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