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I am an IndieGame developer who wants to kick off my series here at NG as one of my stepping grounds. I already have games on my website and other sites and will keep learning new tricks to make fun games for all the gamers out there. LET'S GO CRAZY!

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I'll say this early, I am not clout chasing, Once I learned about the NG Flash player and seeing how 3 games I made was failures and I've had many let downs and its almost October....I set out to make something for Halloween like I used too.


Just in time to make another acorn game but not just anything....Back to Acorn Maze Mania.

As you can see here, Things are a LOT better and more effort was put in.

I waited till I got the complex AI and UI's and settings and all the bulk out the way and since I can just take my time making more mazes and music....This will be done unless something VERY STUPID like my entire PC just go boom and stuff gets wiped before making a backup or something....Let's not even dignify that with a possiblity.

So get ready!

Acorn Maze Mania 2 is coming and I'll have more updates when I make more levels

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Refreshing bath 25 Points

Touch the water 3 times.

Enemy Pancake 10 Points

Stomp on 3 enemies without touching the ground.

Blind spot 50 Points

Stay on the right side of the screen (4x your own width) for 30 seconds without dying.

Reach 50 coins 5 Points

Collect 50 coins without dying.

Gem Collector 5 Points

Collect 7 chaos emmastones as Sonac. (unlocks ???)

Missile Defense 10 Points

Destroy 15 enemies with missiles. (unlocks Shadoo)

Not the Bees 10 Points

Kill 5 bees you racist

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Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground, as a non-flying character

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Kill 2 enemies without touching the ground, as a non-flying character

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You went too quickly