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I am an IndieGame developer who wants to kick off my series here at NG as one of my stepping grounds. I already have games on my website and other sites and will keep learning new tricks to make fun games for all the gamers out there. LET'S GO CRAZY!


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PrincessNinjato's News

Posted by PrincessNinjato - 12 days ago

I am working on a few PC exe games ranging from Acorn Wars and Mowtee Magic Burst

Here's Mowtee Magic Burst

As of now the update the build and UI and more

I'm still making games and music and art...Just in other areas but I am still here.



Posted by PrincessNinjato - March 30th, 2020

I honestly forgot I did not add this on NG

I already had it uploaded on GameJolt and Itch io but I honestly can't remember what was going on, Maybe the HTML5 export on limited was acting weird or something

So here's game No.60

Again here they are on GJ and ITCH

GJ: https://gamejolt.com/games/Pdoxsphere/455094

Itch: https://lunaprincessninjato.itch.io/paradox-spheres



Posted by PrincessNinjato - March 28th, 2020

This is a HUGE step up since the training program

Early build of level 2

I made sure to have a source to build off of to speed things up a bit.

Stage 1 was like making an entirely different game

I'll try to keep a balance in this madness.


My games are not like many other danmaku's but I do what I can.


Posted by PrincessNinjato - March 7th, 2020

While some of the stuff I uploaded are demos, I do see I am at 59 games,

So Game 60 will be something a bit better and more like stuff I used to make.

Here's a preview of what I've been up too using this update video

My Engine has been updated and I'll have a game made soon,

I'm going to keep things simple and make a "Get to point A to B" game with some boss battles.

HP bar and no one hit kills.

I WONT do what I did with HeroBoy.

For a good example of games in this engine I made

Try Wake up Quest 2: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/709106


Lyrical Adventure : https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/714142

Those use the Engine well and a bit better but was a bit rough around the edges.

Thank you for viewing and have a nice day.


Posted by PrincessNinjato - December 28th, 2019

I finally uploaded the swf here and on GameJolt along with the .exe on GameJolt and Itch

I'll stick around and check for any issues, I scan things to make sure the game works and from what I see, Nothing is out of place but if things are too much, I'll update the games but I am happy this is done.

Posted by PrincessNinjato - December 24th, 2019

I am still working on this game, Stage 6 is coming a long nicely.

Stage 7 will be that castle back there, Stage 8 I plan to make a boss battle or a boss chase but only one more 4 room level to go after this level.

Posted by PrincessNinjato - December 14th, 2019

While I can't make this as an HTML5 game

After my sulking, I tend to look more into this.

FIRST! I made a new game project in limited HTML5 a side form music playing at the start, The buttons worked...

This means I can make HTML5 games but I had to see what the heck went wrong.

SECOND!-Looking more and more....I should have saved the build as another file and changing it from HTML5 to Flash to EXE...The codec got all messed up and a side from .exe I can't fix it unless I rebuild this entirely

I did update my Java yet again....Getting weird error cods as I try to make this game....


Ooookay Heroboy works and even ran on a browser when I tested "Run and Build"

Sooooo maybe its something to do with changing the codec

Sooooooooo I'm back so far.....I took some time to make sure I was not mislead and saved the demo build again with the new java data installed and it worked, I just made a quick swf and saved it as a game and no errors and testing it.....I gotta stop getting so gloomy so fast.

Paradox spheres...Something went wrong and its going to be a flash or HTML5 game but current and new projects are safe...I'll avoid what I did last time.


Posted by PrincessNinjato - December 10th, 2019

I was trying to upload this game

The HTML5 player would load but pressing play the game just freezes and no audio is playing...I tried EVERYTHING...

I went to flash output and now something is up with my java making weird error messages no matter updating or removing and installing outdated 32x builds of 7 like I saw on a forum....

If this keeps up.........I may have to just go to only .exe games and now I worry about Hero Boy Adventure the flash build....

This will be on GameJolt and Itch later, I can still make exe's..........

Posted by PrincessNinjato - November 28th, 2019

I am working on stage 5 at the moment

Posted by PrincessNinjato - October 30th, 2019

Oct. 31th 2019 at 12AM EST/8PM PST Acorn Maze Mania 2 is going to be released