Daydream Adventure demo

2017-04-14 22:41:24 by PrincessNinjato

The main game is going to take some time since I am also juggling other game projects and animations sooooo I made a demo to try and see what I did so far.

There are 2 levels and 4 phases in each level.
I am making the game in the style of Super Mario Bros like 1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4.
Also each level will use the Mario style locations

World 1-Grass
World 2-Sand....Or Pyramid and yellow
World 3-Water
World 4-Ice or jungle
World 5-Cloud or cave or something off the wall
World 6-Cave or carnival to mix it up
World 7-Gotta be a city level
World 8-Some kind of lava world

Also you can see each 4th stage has a castle style stage.

Stage 1 had a broken down alter with scrolling landscape
Stage 2 has a pyramid you are inside this time.


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