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I was just saving the game to see how big the flash file was and if it was in the range of the reqired space to upload I was going to make the game a stand alone game with an unexpecting ending after the 4th level and call the game Wake up quest 2......

I got a series of error codes...I don't think I can make it a flash game anymore just an exe sooooooo.
I'll have to make something else here I guess....

I want to still upload stuff here but I think my attention has been on GameJolt for a good while now.

Till something comes up....Cya later

What is taking so long is the fact that I am making a lot of sprites in flash and exporting them to make them in game and give them AI and stuff....It's a bit tidus but has a good outcome.
I am also making an engine at the same time so I can make smaller games since this game may be a bit too big for here due to how much I am adding and the amount of .wav's I am making from music I made or altered RPGMaker sound effects and more.

I plan to make another demo build when stage 5 is done.
I already made sprites to swap the main player with to make other types of levels from a mermaid style for water levels and the little green girl Dolly who will have level 4 to herself and I can use that for side games if I want or I can add more or change the main sprite and make stuff.....Soooo it's taking time but in the long run....This will be worth it.

I'm back to work on this game

2018-01-01 19:33:48 by PrincessNinjato

It's a new year and I feel I made enough level 2 enemies and reactors and now its time to get back on track to this game.

The next demo build should be when I finish stage 5.

I finally got it right...Saldy this is after the fact I gotten my GoGo Dream Bunny Witch set up but other games can use this so well.

Future games will no longer have a tail or scarf or something hand off the back of you getting you killed.

New demo coming

2017-11-15 05:26:54 by PrincessNinjato

Since everything I am working on is project after project, My upload time here has gotten....Slower.
So I am going to make a demo to not only to upload something but to give others a chance to try this engie I made instead of just posting videos.

This is the video I have of stage 1 at the moment

Looking over the reviews and advice over time here and recent games I am putting a lot of things asked or advised in this game from being able to stomp on foes to reducing the platforming and you can see the main game speed you build up speed over time and have a bit of a slow down when you stop.

I could not really stop the massive amount of cry sprites spawning when some foes die but they go off screen fast enough to not cause delays.

I fear running really fast into an object like a spike object and not stopping will cause you to almost die due to getting hit over and over even if you get knocked back....It happen in early testing.

I made it that you get points for shooting foes since stomping on them would give out a lot of points depending on how many cry sprites spawned so I made it 1 point per shot till they die.

I noticed in my Bunny and Kitsune game that was reviewed that it was easy to see that each stage the eneimes was the same but had themes to them and even if I changed one of 2 small features I wanted to fix this so now there will be mixed up types of enemies for levels.

This level features basic enemies you can jump on or shoot (The eggplants)
Jumping eneimes you can stomp but can't shoot (Lemon and Lime fairies)
Enemies you can't kill at all (The stumps and spike apples)
I did not show them yet but there are walking faries in spike fruit outfits that can't be stomped on and need to be shot to destory.
I also have enemies that shoot in one direction again but their bullets like yours will vanish over time and not be a problem like the shooters in the last game.


If things go right I will be able to save the source and build more games like how I used to use the same source to upload a few PrincessLuna games and build over them as I upload them.

Before I go here is the first boss theme


This is one of many games I am working on so I can have something to fall back on instead of just working so hard on one game, 

This Blockball/puzzle shooter is going to be pretty simple.
This is the arcade version which will be uploaded here and an upcoming GameJolt! page since there will be a longer version that is going to have a "Name your price" setting so this will be something for the people who want a free to play game to play that has the same system as the main game but has another outcome than the main game.

I been working on more of the overworld and graphic features for this game and this is what I got so far.

I am getting in the proccess of making levels, I even save a few frames and placed them in their own project so I can at anytime make some simple run and jump games with the same engine.

If I do this I will call the games "Super Bunny Witch Land" and world and stuff....But have a series of smaller games to run and jump though over time but this game itself is coming along nicely.

Wake up Quest 2 update

2017-10-13 19:55:51 by PrincessNinjato

I started testing things around and edned up making this for the "How to play" feature.

Better to have hands on than just have a screen full of text and pictures, Here you can see many of the game featrues from jumping on things to shooting and flying and climbing.

I am going to test the idea of a jump sound only triggering when you are standing or in the middle of running or walking so you won't hear it the more you spam the Z key.

Wake up Quest 2 update

2017-10-09 03:24:44 by PrincessNinjato

I worked on some features for my game so far.

I am still in the middle of making some of the sprites for some of the actions but I feel this will TOP Bunny and Kitsune by a LONG SHOT!

Keep in mind you will be able to stomp on enemies and the projectiles have a limit to how long they can be on screen before they vanish instead of going offscreen killing far off mobs.

This one is called Wake up Quest 2.
I am making this a HUGE step up from the last one.


I am taking what I learned from my stomp test and will have it that the stomp effect happens when falling not also when jumping.

Also I am got the basis for a singel screen shooter done that will be a part of my 3 games in devlopment.

This will ensure more games to come and something can be done when I wanna work on something else instead of only devoting more time to one project.